Green Apron Cafe ~ Founded 2016

Our Story

Our mission is to help people reach their health goal by delivering fresh, healthy meals directly to your door.

Make your health a priority every day of the week by eating an array of nutrient-dense superfoods, delivered straight to your
door.  Locally sourced produce, grass-fed meat, pastured chicken and eggs, and wild seafood, all
developed by our in-house chefs.

Our meals are made using only seed oils, EVOO and coconut oil, grass fed beef, wild shrimp and wild salmon and do not add any type of preservatives or fillers to any of our meals.  We also use fresh herbs and spices with very little or no salts and sugars.  All sauces and dressing are homemade and have a 7-10 day refrigerator life. We have a two day advance for orders for our subscription service, you can put on hold or cancel anytime. Select meals to fit your dietary preferences and individual schedule.

Meals Choices:

100% Plant Based

Trainer Favorite



All Refined Sugar-Free


Healthy Traditional Plans Available

Our meal packs provide discounted pricing and continual pick up or delivery service.

There are no commitments or fees and you can log in to your account and skip any week’s deliveryin advance or cancel at any time.

Green Apron Cafe